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As the demand for solar power continues to grow, choosing an installer with the right qualifications, accreditations, and certification has become more important than ever. We are proud to hold many credentials demonstrating our field expertise. At the Renewables Centre, we are confident in our ability to provide top-notch quality and ensure that our installations are practical and safe. Our customers can rest easy knowing they receive exceptional service from a team of experts committed to delivering the best possible results.


Solar Panels

Are you looking to cut down on your monthly electricity bills? Want to be self-sufficient? Look no further than our solar panels! Get in touch today to learn more

Electric Vehicle Chargers


Did you know that most energy tariffs offer cheaper rates during off-peak hours? Why not install an EV charger for fast and affordable charging?

Storage Battery System

Adding batteries to your solar system can increase your savings. Charge them during the day or overnight and use them in the evening for a self-sufficient and cost-effective solution.                                                                      Are you interested in a Battery System but do not want solar? We’ve got you covered. Our battery systems can be charged overnight and used throughout the day, reducing your bills.

The Government shows confidence in the benefits of Solar and Battery Storage. VAT Slashed from 20% to 0% from February 2024; move fast as changes in government may stop this bonus


I recently made enquiries with several solar panel companies not just to get the most competitive quote but to fully understand how solar and batteries can benefit me on energy efficiency and make a significant saving in my energy costs that have recently gone through the “roof” well Pete & Mark at Hatfield Associates was just great in every way, no pushy sales talk, just took me through everything I needed to know on how solar with batteries could work for me and deliver meaningful savings. I got a competitive quote that beat other solar suppliers in and around my area. The entire process was completed in three weeks. The roof installation was completed in a little under two days. The installation crew were simply great, so polite and helpful. Up and running with a smart installation making savings through the day and in the evening with what we have stored in the batteries, yes, in the winter months do not expect a lot of solar collection, this installation is making around 2 to 2/12 Kilowatts during the day at this time of the year, which is good however this will significantly increase throughout the year with increased daylight. I can and do recommend Hatfield Associates for Solar Panels with batteries.

This is not an ad this is a recent real customer giving a credible firm a reference they deserve.

John Curran

I wasn’t sure if i wanted / needed Solar, Mark came out to do the survey and talked us through the process and benefits of having solar installed. It was nice that there wasn’t any pressure selling, I was thinking I needed more than I actually did (he talked himself out of additional panels) Mark was very confident that the product would sell its self, he just gave me the facts. We signed up, Mark’s team came and and installed within the day, no hassle no mess no drama exactly what I wanted. The product actually works, I went for the battery storage option, I’m so pleased I did. My bills have massively reduced in the summer months I’m now exporting back to the grid, win win, Thanks Mark and Team

Neil Mitchell

Great Service with friendly assistance, thanks. 


Very happy with the solar Panel System from Mark and the team. First Full Solar month and my bills has dropped approx £100, even with the addition of an EV.

Definitely worth it now the panels have sprung into life. Self Sufficient.

Hannah Smith

Mark and the team were exceptional, nothing was too much trouble and a great tidy install. On-time and on budget and went the extra mile for us, very happy. 

Review from Trustmark.

Mark fitted our panels and batteries, went above and beyond and did some extra jobs for us. I would highly recommend, great guy, speedy install and  

Hannah, Customer.

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