Battery Storage Systems

Battery storage systems are a great way to achieve self-sufficiency and reduce the cost of your energy bills. While adding batteries to your Solar PV system can be an excellent choice, we understand it can be expensive. However, we offer battery installation services for your property even if you don’t have Solar Panels.

Our company is dedicated to providing only high-quality batteries, such as Hanchu Batteries. We prioritise safety, excellent performance, and fantastic quality in all our products. Adding batteries to your solar panels is an effective way to charge them during the day using solar energy and use them at night, which is a cost-effective solution. So, if you want to reduce your energy bills but cannot afford Solar PV right now, battery systems are a great option. 


Hanchu Ess 9.4kwh

These batteries are the first domestic storage batteries utilising blade technology. The Hanchu 9.4kW units have undergone extensive testing and surpassed the required standards. The batteries have several safety features, including an in-built hot aerosol fire extinguisher that can rapidly respond to extinguish fire when detected. Additionally, a safety breather pipe activates when the cells are damaged. This prevents the battery cells from expanding within the battery and safely discharges the gasses. An in-built breaker is included in the unit to provide extra safety and protect the equipment. The batteries are also equipped with enhanced BMS abilities, such as Auto Address Recognition, and require no dip settings, making it as simple as plug and play. Furthermore, the batteries feature a touch-sensitive LCD, providing visual information and assurance of performance. 

    This device can handle both high and low temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning. It will continue to work as intended no matter what.

    Allows you to use 95% of the battery where as other batteries it is 90%.

    The batteries come with a 12-year warranty, providing reassurance of their reliability and safety.

    Provide you 24/7 Energy backup. 

    Self Sufficient in your energy usage and cuts on electric costs.

    The Batteries are Noiseless, Slim and Light.


    Hanchu Ess 3.2kW Lithium battery


    This high-power-density lithium battery is simply fantastic! It not only looks great, but it is also compact and compelling. You can get an impressive 40 amps of charge and 60 amps of discharge with a single battery. And if you use two or more of these batteries, you can reach the maximum performance out of your Lux unit. Plus, with any Lux unit, you can operate up to eight batteries, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of power. Each unit has crystal-clear functionality and SOC lights to monitor performance easily. You can always stay on top of your batteries, as each one comes with a wifi dongle that allows you to link it to the internet and monitor it seamlessly online.  

    The Batteries offer online monitoring services that include specific monitoring, technical support, and future upgrades if needed.

    Hanchu Ess 3200 HPD Lithium battery has 100% DOD unlike other brands in the UK market that allow only 90% capacity.

    Rest assured that this battery product comes with a standard 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it an exceptionally trustworthy and dependable choice.

    This device is designed to provide High & Low Temperature Protection. It will remain fully functional regardless of the temperature.

    Reduce energy costs. Save money and help the environment

    Take charge of your energy usage and optimize your savings by charging your devices throughout the day and night with the help of an efficient energy supplier

    What are the benefits?


    Save money

    You can save money on your monthly energy bills. 

    Cut Carbon Footprint

    Installing batteries improves your use of renewable energy (with solar installed)

    Backup Power Source

    Offers a backup power sources. 

    Long-term Savings

    It can provide savings to you, and more savings with Solar installed as you can use the unused energy into income. 

    No Mainteance

    There is very little maintenance required once installed. 


    The batteries are as quiet as a mouse. 

    The Renewables Centre

    Investing in solar energy is a smart choice that can help you save money and even generate income. Our satisfied customers can attest to the benefits. Contact us now to learn more and join the renewable energy revolution.

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