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Uniting the Renewables Centre and Infinity Innovations to Empower Tomorrow with UHome Batteries for Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Uhome batteries are designed to maintain maximum performance even in cold temperatures, with no reduction in capacity down to zero degrees. Each battery has a superior charge and discharge rate of 30 amps, resulting in faster charging and discharging capabilities. Additionally, each unit has an inbuilt modem for easy internet connectivity, allowing for specific monitoring, technical support, and future upgrades as needed. These batteries can be connected either in parallel or in series for use in low-voltage systems, such as most domestic solar systems. They can also be connected in series to create a high voltage capacity. Thanks to their high-specification hardware, these batteries can handle very high performance and power loads. When paired with the Lux Power AC Parallel controllers and a combiner box, a single stack can charge and discharge at 7kw.


UHome Batteries is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. They are dedicated to providing advanced power solutions for your needs.

Power On and Off

Our products feature an automatic start option for the inverter battery. Once the photovoltaic or grid restarts the inverter, the BAT port will generate a voltage of approximately 48V within a short span of time. This voltage will serve as the BMS start.

Our products use a circuit breaker as primary protection, a fuse as secondary protection, and a relay as tertiary protection in case of a short circuit, effectively ensuring safety.
Remote Monitoring

You can remotely monitor voltage, current, SOC, and other data, as well as upgrade battery firmware remotely.


Our product ensures that you can maintain full capacity even in sub-zero temperatures. You can count on us to provide a reliable and efficient solution that won’t let you down, no matter how harsh the conditions get. With our product, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to tackle any challenge thrown your way.

Faster Charging

The capability to charge and discharge at a faster rate of 30 Amps.

The Renewables Centre

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